How Advancements in Biotechnology and Genetic Testing May Save Lives

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The world of health care is constantly evolving. As new technology becomes available, scientists and entrepreneurs have been able to work together to come up with new advancements in medicine. Biotechnology, specifically in the field of genetic testing, may ultimately be responsible for saving lives.

The World of Genetics

Everyone’s body is comprised of the two sets of DNA they receive from their parents. This has been understood for decades. Inside that DNA are hidden markers for a person’s future health. Many disorders, including kidney disease, diabetes and certain cancers, may have a genetic connection.

Biotechnology has helped researchers discover many connections between certain genes and many diseases. By using new forms of testing, people are able to know if they are predisposed to developing a specific disorder.

The Benefits of Genetic Testing

While many people are still wary of genetic testing, it has presented many positive outlooks. For example, after Jim Plante discovered he was suffering from the same form of kidney disease as his father, he became a pioneer and major player in the world of genetic testing.

Certain genetic tests may be performed before a couple conceives. Doctors use these tests to determine risk factors for passing along certain disorders to children. This knowledge may help couples make educated decisions before starting a family.

Genetic Testing as an Adult

While most people don’t fully know their genetic makeup, many are seeking answers after a loved one is diagnosed with a devastating disease. In the instance of breast cancer, for example, many women are now choosing to get tested for the BRCA gene. Those who are positive may take preventative measures to prevent cancer.

What the Future Holds

As more and more advances are underway in biotechnology, the future is very bright. By learning more about genetic conditions, scientists have a better chance of discovering a cure. Genetics may also speed up the diagnostic process of certain ailments so treatments can begin sooner.

Everyone has a unique set of genes. These genes may contain information that provide clues about the future health of an individual. Biotechnology aims to find the keys to unlock all of the these clues and ultimately save lives.

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